Moore Market Intelligence has worked diligently to educate the media about insurance products. The firm has extensive media contacts that are regularly used to promote positive press on the industry. The company also distributes press releases, on at least a quarterly basis, providing financial services media firms with accurate, up-to-date information on insurance products.

More importantly, this unique consulting firm has fostered relationships with the media, so that they will feel comfortable coming to her firm for information on indexed insurance products. This has dramatically reduced the incidence of inaccurate media on the products in the public domain. The company openly offers any reporter or media firm to contact her when they need information on annuities and life insurance.

Perhaps most importantly, Moore herself responded to every negative/inaccurate article on indexed annuities for five years. Long the naughty step-child of the insurance industry, indexed annuities had a high incidence of targeted misreporting. Ms. Moore realized when regulators were citing inaccurate data from media giants, that the only way to stop the bad information was to attack it head-on. Shockingly, even the “respectable” news sources were involved in the misleading reporting. Ms. Moore once corrected a Wall Street news giant on 26 inaccuracies they made in a single article on indexed annuities! Most recently, Moore Market Intelligence started the “Setting It Straight” campaign, where they published Moore’s rebuttals to these misleading articles on her public website. This put insurance professionals in a proactive position to handle questions on negative publicity from their distributors and clients. At one time, these misleading articles were as frequent as eight per week. Now, they occur less than on a monthly basis. To access these misleading articles and Ms. Moore’s rebuttals, see Negative Media at

For years, Moore Market Intelligence has worked to educate the insurance industry through a variety of forums. Their research and articles have been featured in the industry trade publications and resources listed here.